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CCD Innovation Powerpoint Template Development

As part of the rebranding of the Center for Culinary Development to CCD Innovation, I created a new Powerpoint template for the company. I also wrote an instructional style guide for the use of the entire company (mostly non-designers).

Intro Style Guide CCD Innovation_Page_01 Intro Style Guide CCD Innovation_Page_03 Intro Style Guide CCD Innovation_Page_06 Intro Style Guide CCD Innovation_Page_07

Intro Style Guide CCD Innovation_Page_08 Intro Style Guide CCD Innovation_Page_10 Intro Style Guide CCD Innovation_Page_12 Intro Style Guide CCD Innovation_Page_15




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CCD Innovation Identity

In my role as Art Director and leader of the Visual Communications Department at CCD Innovation we launched a new brand mark in February 2012:

Previously we were the Center for Culinary Development:

Developing the new brand mark was a long process involving senior management, me, and the rest of my department: Chris Lauer (graphic designer) and Ellen Swenson (copywriting & marketing). I was the manager of this project: I initiated it, coordinated and kept the process moving, asked questions, listened carefully to the answers, and designed the mark.

Primary objectives:

  • Express of the company's evolution
  • Keep connection to previous branding
  • To be faithful central brand characteristics

We are currently in the midst of implementing the new branding across all our collateral. Please watch this site for additions to the CCD Innovation Re-branding Project.


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