social media random concept generator
social media random concept generator

This June, in an effort to generate hypothetical concept parameters, I posted the this request to my Instagram and Facebook feeds:

Dear Hive-Mind,  Can you help me with a new project? I am refreshing my design portfolio and need fresh, not-thought-of-by-me parameters for visual concepts. I need combinations of: place/thing + theme 1 + theme 2. These combinations don't need to be realistic, so throw me some challenges!

Examples of places or things:
Skate Park
Coffee shop
Ice Cream Store
Vegan snacks

Examples of themes:
Street art
90s computer style
San Diego in the 70s
Baby shower chic
Muscle cars
Jack Handey deep thoughts

Action Between now and September 1, 2019 I will work with suggested combinations to create visual concepts. 

Result I will post the concepts I create here. And, I'll allert my Social Media feeds when I post.

Send me your combinations… 

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