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CCD Innovation Powerpoint Template Development

As part of the rebranding of the Center for Culinary Development to CCD Innovation, I created a new Powerpoint template for the company. I also wrote an instructional style guide for the use of the entire company (mostly non-designers).

Intro Style Guide CCD Innovation_Page_01 Intro Style Guide CCD Innovation_Page_03 Intro Style Guide CCD Innovation_Page_06 Intro Style Guide CCD Innovation_Page_07

Intro Style Guide CCD Innovation_Page_08 Intro Style Guide CCD Innovation_Page_10 Intro Style Guide CCD Innovation_Page_12 Intro Style Guide CCD Innovation_Page_15




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Outdoor signage for CCD Innovation



from the interior:

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New Brand Announcement Card


Designed card mailed to clients announcing new brand name, new brand mark.

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CCD Innovation Collateral


Designed new collateral for rebranded CCD Innovation (formerly Center for Culinary Development).

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CCD Innovation Identity

In my role as Art Director and leader of the Visual Communications Department at CCD Innovation we launched a new brand mark in February 2012:

Previously we were the Center for Culinary Development:

Developing the new brand mark was a long process involving senior management, me, and the rest of my department: Chris Lauer (graphic designer) and Ellen Swenson (copywriting & marketing). I was the manager of this project: I initiated it, coordinated and kept the process moving, asked questions, listened carefully to the answers, and designed the mark.

Primary objectives:

  • Express of the company's evolution
  • Keep connection to previous branding
  • To be faithful central brand characteristics

We are currently in the midst of implementing the new branding across all our collateral. Please watch this site for additions to the CCD Innovation Re-branding Project.


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3Q09 Comfort Food Promotional mailer

Business to business print mailer featuring Comfort Food Trend Mapping Report at the Center for Culinary Development.

Role: Project Manager, Art Director, Designer
Worked with client development, marketing strategist and writer, company management, and culinary department to develop message and accompanying food product that featured findings of 2009 Comfort Food Trend Mapping Report. Coordinated project from inception through print. Designed piece, managed budget, managed schedule, and worked with printer to ensure smooth printing of piece.

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